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    In 2013 I signed a traditional publishing contract with Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie Publishers Ltd and they have published my books: House of Darke - D.I.S.C. Direct-Interface-Shadow-Control - GHOSTED and Wizards' Exile. The artwork for GHOSTED was also created by Ryan Parsons.


On Friday, April 12th 2013, I became a self-employed writer...

    In May 2018 I put pen to paper and began writing adult crime fiction and fantasy. I intend to publish a series called: Killian Spooks Mysteries about a wizard private investigator. I'm publishing under the author pen name of Jake Ridge. There will be many cases for Killian Spooks to solve, but because there's going to be graphic violence and adult themes - this can only be read by 18+years readers and there will be a Jake Ridge website.


     In January 2019 I signed a publishing contract with Black Bee Books for my first Young Adult book of short stories - The Man with the Black Shoebox and Other Strange Stories is to be published in 2020. I also signed a traditional contract in February 2019 with Haus of Clare for my first picture book Amaya's Imagination "Traffic Cone Trouble" - which published on March 7th 2019. Also, I signed a traditional contract with Crystal Peake Publishers Ltd for The Gamer.

I've also got a Youtube Channel with over a hundred videos to help 8 yrs to 11 yrs build a short story.


Here are my books:

Wizards' Kingdom book 1 (Originally published by Athena Press 2005)

The Obelisk of Ashmar book 2 (Originally published by Athena Press 2006)

Jarrak's Darkness book 3 (Originally published by Athena Press 2007)

The Curious World of Shelley Vendor book 1 (NSP 2009 reprint Tallyberry Publishing 2011)

The Curious World of Katie Hinge book 2 (Tallyberry Publishing 2011)

Crank Tech One: Destruction (Tallyberry Publishing 2012)

House of Darke (Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie 2015)

IU-137 (Tallyberry Publishing July 31st 2015) ebook only

D.I.S.C. Direct Interface Shadow Control (Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie 2017)

GHOSTED (Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie 2018) - book cover shortlisted for the "Cover Design Awards 2018"

Amaya's Imagination "Traffic Cone Trouble" (Picture Book - March 2019)

Wizards' Exile (Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie 2019)

The Gamer (Crystal Peake Publishers Ltd October 23rd 2020)

The Man with the Black Shoebox and Other Strange Stories (Black Bee Books 2021)

The Lost Airship (coming soon for 2022/23)



Children's Picture Books

Amaya's Imagination - Traffic Cone Trouble (March 2019)

Amaya's Imagination - The Street Light is the Moon (coming soon)

Amaya's Imagination - Kevin the Crab and the Sandman (coming soon)


I am a member of The Scattered Authors Society (SAS) - Dragontongue - Authors Abroad. I've also got profiles on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and AboutMe. Wattpad & Smashwords.

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