About Colin



Hi I'm Colin R Parsons, and I write children's and adult fiction.

I was born on November 8th 1960 in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales in the UK. The R. in the middle of my name stands for, Ryan, given to me by my grandfather.  I've always enjoyed writing from a kid.  I was never any good at maths or science, but writing felt more natural.

I've been a member of Tonypandy library since I was eleven, but I wasn’t an avid reader. Instead I'd listen to audiocassettes of H.G.Wells  - The Time Machine and, The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I'd lay in bed, headphones on when I was supposed to be sleeping.

I also enjoyed reading C.S. Lewis's, The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe, which totally excited my imagination. I had to read it out loud in class at Williamstown Primary school. The thought of walking through a piece of furniture and visiting another world, "blew my mind". I hated reading in class though. Who knew later in life I'd be leading talks in assemblies, standing in front of hundreds of pupils. 

 I left school at sixteen and writing for quite a few years. I didn’t start again until my early forties. 

I once wrote a short story called "Halfway home" and sent it to Crystal Serenades Publications. I eventually sent 24 short stories to them. CSP brought out a book "When Darkness Comes" - an adult horror anthology and that was my first real break.

Borders - the American book store opened in Llantrisant - South Wales in 2006. I was asked to launch the children's section on opening day, with my first book Wizards' Kingdom. I did two talks and sold a 100 books that weekend, and that's where the journey began.

I'd like to thank Derek Jones for the clever and captivating art-work for my first six books. He's my long time friend and a brilliant artist. The cover for IU-137 was created by my sond Ryan Parsons.

In 2013 I signed a traditional publishing contract with Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie Publishers Ltd and they have published my books: House of Darke - D.I.S.C. Direct-Interface-Shadow-Control - GHOSTED and Wizards' Exile (coming 2019). The artwork for GHOSTED was also created by Ryan Parsons.

On Friday April 12th 2013, I became a self employed writer...

Adult Crime Fiction - Urban Fantasy & Horror for adults only!!!

In May 2018 I put pen to paper and began writing adult crime fiction and horror. I intend to publish a series called: Killian Spooks Mysteries about a wizard private investigator. I'm publishing under the author pen name of Jake Ridge. There will be many cases for Killian Spooks to solve, but because there's going to be graphic violence and adult themes - this can only be read by 18+years readers.

    I've already written a short story called "It Came with the Storm by Jake Ridge" which will feature on the Matt Lees Podcast - "Legend in my Spare Time" for Halloween 2018.

    In January 2019 I signed a publishing contract with ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd for my first Young Adult book of short stories - The Man with the Black Shoebox and Other Strange Stories is to be published in 2020. I also signed a traditional contract in February 2019 with Haus of Clare for my first picture book Amaya's Imagination "Traffic Cone Trouble" - which published on March 7th 2019.

My world of Everything

Here are my books:

Wizards' Kingdom book 1 (Athena Press 2005 reprint Tallyberry Publishing)

The Obelisk of Ashmar book 2 (Athena Press 2006 reprint Tallyberry Publishing)

Jarrak's Darkness book 3 (Athena Press 2007 reprint Tallyberry Publishing)

The Curious World of Shelley Vendor book 1 (NSP 2009 reprint Tallyberry Publishing 2011)

The Curious World of Katie Hinge book 2 (Tallyberry Publishing 2011)

Crank Tech One: Destruction (Tallyberry Publishing 2012)

House of Darke (Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie 2015)

IU-137 (Tallyberry Publishing July 31st 2015) ebook only

D.I.S.C. Direct Interface Shadow Control (Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie 2017)

GHOSTED (Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie 2018) - book cover shortlisted for the "Cover Design Awards 2018"

Wizards' Exile (Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie 2019)

The Gamer (coming soon)



Always Just Behind (short story in When Darkness Comes - CSP 2004)

Chills on a Knife Edge (short story in Welsh Celebrity Ghost Stories - Bradwell Books 2014)

The Oogalee (short story in Inspiration/Awen - Library binding 2015)

Shady Close (short story in Dark Gathering - Tales of Horror & Mystery - Oct 2016)

Fun & Festive Stories (my ebook collection of Christmas short stories - Dec 2017)

Barriers (short story non-fiction in Limitless - McGrath House - AMAR Foundation 2017)

The Last Second (short story in Turnings of the Years - Garnlwyd Publishing Sept 18 2018)

The Man with the Black Shoebox and Other Strange Stories (ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd 2020)


Colin R Parsons in collaboration with Clare Thomas 

Children's Picture Books

Amaya's Imagination - Traffic Cone Trouble (March 2019)

Amaya's Imagination - The Street Light is the Moon (coming soon)

Amaya's Imagination - The Big Sand Castle Incident (coming soon)


Jake Ridge - my pseudonym for Adult Crime Fiction


It came with the storm (a short story featured on Matt Lees LIMST podcast 2018)


Urban Fantasy

Killian Spooks Mysteries "Spirit Jumper" Case 1 (not published)

Killian Spooks Mysteries  "Phantom Thief" Case 2 (not published)

Killian Spooks Mysteries  "Strange Happenings" Case 3 (in production)

Killian Spooks Mysteries  "Head Count" Case 4 (mid-production)

Killian Spooks Mysteries  "Digital Demon" Case 5 (wip)

Killian Spooks Mysteries  "Night Bites" Case 6 (wip)

Futuristic Crime Fiction

Krooke & Co - Mother Quartz - (written not published)

Krooke & Co - Random Kills (mid-production)

Krooke & Co - Robot Assassin (wip)


I am a member of: The Scattered Authors Society (SAS) - Dragontongue - Authors Abroad & Contact an Author. I've also got profiles on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and AboutMe. Wattpad & Smashwords.

Likes and Dislikes

I love Formula One motor sport and tennis. I also enjoy Sci-Fi, such as Dr Who, Star Trek and StarWars, and of course Fantasy like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Game of Thrones. There's an explosion of great sci-fi and fantasy and thrillers from the states. Revolution-Grimm-Almost Human-Under the Dome-Tomorrow People-Unforgettable-Bates Motel, to name but a few.

Strawberry milkshakes and Thourntons liquorice-toffee sweets are my downfall... I also love taking long walks during the summer with my wife. 'I love visiting Laugharne in west Wales near Pendine where Dylan Thomas lived and created his most popular poetry Under Milk Wood.'

  I hate cold, dark, long winters. Stepping out of the shower when there is no towel, and listening to people tell you how important they are. I also hate it when people promise things and don't keep their word.